The Hounds of Set

Young Alex Chronos always wanted his life to matter. Other than having the full attention of the school bully, he was virtually invisible. He longed for adventure, but adventure, it seemed, never happened his way. That was all about to change.

On the night of his thirteenth birthday, Alex is terrified at the sight of a cloaked figure lumbering on his doorstep. But it isn’t the stranger that should worry him. A mysterious package left by the stranger turns his unassuming world upside down. In his quest for answers, Alex finds himself an unwilling traveler through time and space. Suddenly alone in ancient Egypt, surrounded by hot desert sands, the real adventure begins; only things weren’t what he’d imagined. His only desire now is to find his way back to his own comfortable world. It seems Egypt has other plans.


“Two razor sharp claws pierced out of the darkness and clutched around the narrow, soft part of the hound’s waist, dragging it back into the shadows.  A look of surprised fear washed over its face as its claws desperately tried to dig a foothold into the stone floor.”

“Anubis stood facing the opening in the sand as if waiting for the onslaught, ready for battle. Each predator penetrated the opening, anxious for the kill. When the last of the hounds was free from the flowing sand, they circled their prey, pacing and foaming. Growling low, they tightened the perimeter. They surrounded the two, and at the first sign of an attack, Anubis simply and confidently raised his hand.  The air around them jumped, and the demons were gone.”

Loki’s Wrath

All Alex wanted was to go home. He’d done what was expected; it was his turn. After all, Egypt had been saved. But no one can change their destiny.

However, saving thousands from an evil god was one thing; saving the gods from themselves is something entirely different. Being thrown into a battle between the gods, a battle to end all battles, wasn’t exactly what Alex had planned. But if Egypt had taught him anything it’s that nothing goes as planned.  This new place was indeed different, and to make matters worse, it may not be the first time he’s been here.

His true destiny has yet to be fully revealed, but it’s already far more than he could’ve imagined.


“As she approached, a long steel chain dropped from her side and unfurled a spiked mace at the end. She jerked it up above her head and began to whip it wildly about. After three turns of her weapon, she let it fly, sending it sailing through the nearest window, her stallion at full run.”